How can I earn e-CME credits?

Education on Demand is an accredited e-learning platform (for more details click here). You have to pass (pass rate of 66%) each test within the course to gain your certificate.

Can I download my certificates?

In your account menu you can access CME certificates (My certification) and learning progress (My progress).

How can I purchase premium access?

Please log in to your ESRmyUserArea and purchase your one year subscription  (49€ for ESR members and 99€ for non ESR members).

How can I log in?

Access Education on Demand via your ESRmyUserArea. If you have any problems with your login please contact login@myesr.org

How can I transfer courses to my “Home” section?

In the “Course Catalogue” you can find all available courses. If you click on “Get this course”, courses you would like to start or bookmark are transferred to your “Home”.

Can I remove courses from my “Home” section?

Yes, via your account menu you can administrate all your courses. If you click on “unenroll” the course will be removed from your account

How can I earn badges?

Badges can be earned by various activities: logging in, taking tests and earning certificates.

Can I pay the Education on Demand Premium subscription via bank transfer?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact ESR office (learn@myesr.org) for detailed instructions.