EDiR preparation

EDiR preparation


The EDiR committee has selected courses from Education on Demand for EDiR exam preparation. You can use the following group keys to get them directly assigned to your account. Detailed information on how to use the group keys can be found here.

Cardiac Imaging

EDiR - Cardiac Imaging Level I (8 courses): EDiRCardiacI

EDiR - Cardiac Imaging Level II (23 courses): EDiRCardiacII

EDiR - Cardiac Imaging Level I+II (31 courses): EDiRCardiac

Chest Imaging

EDiR - Chest Imaging Level I (8 courses): EDiRChestI

EDiR - Chest Imaging Level II (16 courses): EDiRChestII

EDiR - Chest Imaging Level I+II (24 courses): EDiRChest

Head & Neck Imaging

EDiR - Head & Neck Imaging Level I (7 courses): EDiRH&NI

EDiR - Head & Neck Imaging Level II (13 courses): EDiRH&NII

EDiR - Head & Neck Imaging Level I+II (20 courses): EDiRH&N

Breast Imaging

EDiR - Breast Imaging Level I (17 courses): EDiRBreastI

EDiR - Breast Imaging Level II (9 courses): EDiRBreastII

EDiR – Breast Imaging Level I+II (26 courses): EDiRBreast


EDiR - Neuroradiology Level I (11 courses): EDiRNeuroI

EDiR - Neuroradiology Level II (4 courses): EDiRNeuroII

EDiR – Neuroradiology Level I+II (15 courses): EDiRNeuro

Paediatric Radiology

EDiR – Paediatric Radiology Level I (5 courses): EDiRPaediatricI

EDiR – Paediatric Radiology Level II (11 courses): EDiRPaediatricII

EDiR – Paediatric Radiology Level I+II (16 courses): EDiRPaediatric

Gynaecologic Imaging

EDiR – Gynaecologic Imaging Level I (2 courses): EDiRGynaeI

EDiR – Gynaecologic Imaging Level II (8 courses): EDiRGynaeII

EDiR – Gynaecologic Imaging Level I+II (10 courses): EDiRGynae

Interventional Radiology

EDiR – Interventional Radiology Level I (8 courses): EDiRIRI

EDiR – Interventional Radiology Level II (6 courses): EDiRIRII

EDiR – Interventional Radiology Level I+II (14 courses): EDiRIR

Musculoskeletal Radiology

EDiR – Musculoskeletal Radiology Level I (11 courses): EDiRMSKI

EDiR – Musculoskeletal Radiology Level II (8 courses): EDiRMSKII

EDiR – Musculoskeletal Radiology Level I+II (19 courses): EDiRMSK

Radiation Protection

EDiR – Radiation Protection (11 courses): EDiRRP

Urogenital Radiology

EDiR – Urogenital Radiology Level I (6 courses): EDiRUroI

EDiR – Urogenital Radiology Level II (8 courses): EDiRUroII

EDiR – Urogenital Radiology Level I+II (14 courses): EDiRUro

Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology

EDiR – Abdominal Radiology Level I (32 courses): EDiRAbdominalI

EDiR – Abdominal Radiology Level II (31 courses): EDiRAbdominalII

EDiR – Abdominal Radiology Level I+II (63 courses): EDiRAbdominal

Hybrid Imaging

EDiR – Hybrid Imaging (4 courses): EDiRHybrid

Principles of Imaging

EDiR – Principles of Imaging (4 courses): EDiRImaging

Oncologic Imaging

EDiR – Oncologic Imaging Level I (12 courses): EDiROncoI

EDiR – Oncologic Imaging Level II (22 courses): EDiROncoII

EDiR – Oncologic Imaging Level I+II (34 courses): EDiROnco


Emergency Radiology

EDiR – Emergency Radiology Level I (18 courses): EDiREmergencyI

EDiR – Emergency Radiology Level II (14 courses): EDiREmergencyII

EDiR – Emergency Radiology Level I+II (32 courses): EDiREmergency