Level I → Breast Radiology

Lymph nodes on breast imaging (845)

Self assessment

Maria Lelegianni (ESOR scholar 2019)

Learning objectives:
• to learn about the main anatomical features of lymph nodes
• to understand the importance of lymph node assessment in breast imaging
• to be familiar with different imaging characteristics of lymph nodes that can be encountered in breast imaging
• to understand different aetiologies of lymph node pathology and their differential diagnosis
• to learn about different treatment options
  • References
  • Anatomy
  • Question 1-5
  • Imaging features of normal/pathological lymph nodes
  • Question 6-15
  • Question 6-15: Supplementary feedback
  • Short cases
  • Question 16-19
  • Question 16-19: Supplementary feedback
  • Take home points
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed