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Anatomy of the spine and spine injury (701)

Literature course based on:

EPOS poster (ECR 2018/C-0659): "Imaging evaluation of traumatic cervical spine injury"
EPOS poster (ECR 2014/C-0003): "Radiographic atlas of pediatric cervical spine in emergency: normal anatomy, variants and pitfalls"
EPOS poster (ECR 2014/C-1831): "Lumbar spine radiography in the emergency room: Pearls and pitfalls for the radiologist on call"
EPOS poster (ECR 2017/C-0787): "Spinal enumeration methods in spinal variants"

Questionnaire author: Mariacristina Maturi (Verona, Italy)

eCME credits: 1

  • EPOS poster (ECR 2018/C-0659)
  • EPOS poster (ECR 2014/C-0003)
  • EPOS poster (ECR 2014/C-1831)
  • EPOS poster (ECR 2017/C-0787)
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  • Feedback
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  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever